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Legendary Commanders

Legendary commanders are the most powerful in the entire game. However, getting one of them and leveling up the use of Skills is not an easy task. To max out one of these you will need 700 Legendary Sculptures (10 to unlock + 690 to complete). So choose wisely which ones you want to invest in. And if I may make a suggestion, only upgrade one at a time.

You can  get Legendary Commander Sculptures by opening the Gold Chests in the Tavern . You can also get sculptures at events such as Mighty Governor , Wheel of Fortune , King of Cards , Legendary Tavern , KvK , VIP Packages , Daily Special Offer , among others. To check which commanders are available   in each event type, see the information of the event or the desired commander.

Legendary Infantry Commanders


Legendary Cavalry Commanders


Legendary Archery Commanders