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Kau Karuak Test

The Test of Kau Karuak is a Rise Of Kingdoms event present in the Season of Conquest's Kvks where you can get millions of crystals that can be used in the KVK. The Test of Kau Karuak has five different difficulties that can be unlocked using Kingdom Chronicles. There are 30 different levels for each difficulty

about the event

Before the Kau Karuak trial starts, you can choose the difficulty level.

The higher the difficulty level, the greater the reward.


Difficulty levels will unlock as Chronicles of the Lost Realm progresses. After choosing a difficulty level, you must complete all tests at that level before you can challenge the next difficulty level.

You can only do the Judgment of Kau Karuak yourself. Other governors cannot help.

The target of each test will only be shown on the map for a limited time. You must complete the test before it disappears, or you will fail the test.

Teste de Kau Karuak Rise of Kingdoms

When the test target enters battle mode, it will activate the challenge time limit. You must complete the test before the timer runs out or you will fail the test.

Every time you complete an assessment, the reward will be mailed to you.

How to preform better on the Kau Karuak Test

1- Preset the troops on the march:

You don't spend action points to attack just to summon the Boss. Then when your troops are low on health, simply send them back to the city and attack again.

Leaving formations you intend to use saved will allow you to send troops faster. Just remember that you must leave at least one troop attacking the boss. If you don't let a troop attacking the boss, it will reset and you'll have to attack it again. (But the time to kill him will not reset and in some cases you will have to summon him again to complete the level)

2- Use all the damage buffs you can

  • Army expansion 25-50% - this will significantly increase your damage and yes I know it costs 2k gems to get but keep in mind you will get a lot of crystals.

  • Damage Boost Items – Try to get 10% damage boost, but if you don't have it, use 5%.

  • Equipment – Equip your commander with the best equipment you have.

  • Send Out Scouts – This will give you a 3% damage bonus.

  • Alliance Title – Request an alliance title for your r4 damage.

  • Alliance skill - see if your alliance will use a skill for bonus damage, it will help you a lot.

  • Kingdom Title - anything with bonus damage will help you

  • Rune – try to find runes with bonus damage.

  • City skin - get skin with bonus damage or at least give you Bonus for your main Marches

  • Use your best commanders - As much as Karuak is a Barbarian, remember that attacking him doesn't spend action points. Use your best commanders with your best equipment.

  • Improve Technology - There are research within kvk technology that can give you more damage About Karuaks

  • Kvk Buffs - If you're still having problems expect buffs like the crusader's stronghold rebuild and structures like the circles.

Como ir bem no teste

Best Commanders for The Test of Kau Karuak

There are many commanders in Rise Of Kingdoms and you probably don't have them all. The best thing you can do when it comes to commanders is to avoid using peacekeeping commanders and attack Kau Karuak with the strongest commanders you have.

It is preferable to use commanders who have a high amount of nuclear damage.

Use a pair of Tank commanders to hold the Boss (Chales Martel, Richard, Frederico, Constantino, Harald) and use the commanders with the best evolved skills and equipment to do the damage. The higher the damage the better as you have a limited time to eliminate the enemy.

Melhores Comandantes para usar



Recomensas Nivel Facil


Recompensas Nível Médio




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